3/21/19, Third Thursdays @ 33: TBA + short sets

We don’t have a featured performer yet! Or anybody signed up for the short slots either. We do have featured performers lined up for that last two in the series (Jesse Peters on April 18, and Ben Mackin on May 16), but those short slots are still wide open.

Here’s something that probably not everyone realizes: Since after that first small handful of test-runs we did, everything else Stage 33 Live has hosted has been the result of performers or presenters reaching out to us. We like that a lot, because it means that the people on the stage want to and chose to be there — just like the people in the audience. Each motivated for the other. It’s the ideal symbiosis, really.

And no, it ain’t normal. It’s like… the old days, when local folks and local musicians and local storytellers got together in a barn. We’re so completely cool with that.