5/19/19, Sunday: Verandah Porche & Patty Carpenter with Jon Weeks

We’ll put up a proper press release when all the details have been worked out, but for now you can make a general note on your calendar.

Mark here with a personal tale. Back in the ’80s in Minnesota where I was born and raised — before I moved into a bus in a ghost town in New Mexico (over the pass from Silver City), before I moved to paved-over Rockville MD (across the street from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s grave), before I moved to funky Trumansburg NY (home of the first MOOG factory), before I had any inkling I was going to move to Hinsdale and then Brattleboro and then Bellows Falls where I want to stay — I bought a used copy of a book called Home Comfort, Life on Total Loss Farm at Midway Book on University Avenue in Saint Paul. It was a quirky and delightful book written by a gang of hippies on a commune at Packer Corners in Guilford Vermont. The notion that I’d ever move to Vermont was never considered. But I kept it all those years. I still have it.

Verandah Porche was one of its handful of authors. She’s been a lifelong poet in word and deed. Alt-lit and non-trad. More books since then, awards, an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters even. I never figured our paths would cross, not even after I stumbled into her stomping grounds.


She’s going to be at Stage 33 Live along with collaborating conspirator Patty Carpenter and special guest Jon Weeks on Sunday, May 19, to play songs they’ve written together since the Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band album Come Over, which they also co-composed.

Of course you know Patty too, right?, from Patty and the Cakes, The Patty Carpenter Jazz Band, the Dysfunctional Family Jazz Band (that Brooklyn-based Jazz/Americana/Soul/Folk collective). Sure, she studied with Archie Shepp and Max Roach, but she also wears influences ranging from Joan Baez to Billie Holiday on her sleeve.

And they’ve roped in Jon Weeks for percussion, sax, and flute — another remarkable human, he plays everywhere cool with everyone good. Nonstop. One of those Berklee guys. I hope he brings the wind-synth.

Minor details like time and ticket stuff are still floaty for the moment, but game day is set. Sunday, May 19. Probably an afternoon show. Punch it in on your phone calendar. Put an alarm on it.

I mean, there’s a load of very swell shows lined up for Stage 33 Live, but for me this one’s been unwittingly brewing for like going on 40 years.