Can people come and be in the studio audience? Yes, absolutely! Our main purpose is to get good recordings of the performers and presenters — but that doesn’t mean it ain’t a good show in an intimate room with a casual, industrial vibe.

If you’re looking for a bar scene (and it’s totally fine if you are), we recommend checking out the local bars. What we’re doing is almost completely opposite of that.

Admission is usually by donation (we normally suggested $5, or more if you can), but some listening events are ticketed. We typically have bad snacks and sodas available too, also by donation.

Seating is limited to 40 pretty nice folding chairs — first come, first served. After that there’s standing room. It’s OK to bring your own chair, as long as you take it back home with you when you leave.

The listening event / recording sessions usually aren’t a good environment for squalling babies, ADHD youngsters, or disruptive adults. Cell phones off, pop a lozenge if you’ve got a cough, no talking or clinking during performance. Applaud like crazy at the end though, cheer a great solo, laugh heartily at a good joke.

It’s all about honoring the stage.

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