8/31/19, Saturday: David Rosane & The Zookeepers, Owen Nied, more TBA: FUNDRAISER FOR LOCAL LIBRARIES

Saturday, August 31. Door at 6 PM, music starts at 7.

This concert featuring David Rosane & The Zookeepers and Owen Nied at Stage 33 Live caps off a special fundraiser for our nearby rural libraries in Vermont and New Hampshire.

This summer, libraries across the country are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing and America’s achievements in space research. Library professionals chose the slogan “A Universe of Stories” for their summer reading programs to inspire people of all ages to dream big, believe in themselves, and create their own story.

Also this summer, David Rosane & the Zookeepers (whose latest album, Book of ZOO, won the 2019 Tammie Award for best Vermont rock album), will be touring in support of rural libraries. A self-described ‘fringe’ band known for delivering humor, intellectualism, and drama in equal doses, The Zookeepers have dubbed the tour “Across the ZOO-niverse: a 2019 Library-Space Odyssey and Benefit Tour, Rockin’ Vermont for Literacy, Democracy and Free Speech.”

The band’s frontman, David Rosane, said, “What started out last year as a grassroots effort led by a trio of crazed bookworms has blossomed. We now have the full-fledged support of the Vermont Department of Libraries, lots of media attention, a recent appearance at the Vermont State Legislature, a bunch of local business sponsors, and towns inviting us to play for them!”

The band’s first library-fundraising tour received considerable media coverage — from VPR to WCAX and Seven Days and many local papers — which helped shine a light on the issues facing libraries as these legendary institutions see their revenue decrease across the country at a time when they are becoming increasingly crucial to the public interest. The tour caught the eye of the Vermont Department of Libraries, which is now helping the band to reiterate and expand their efforts.

The concert in Bellows Falls will be the last stop on the Zookeepers’ 2019 Library Benefit Tour. This year’s tour, featuring Don Sinclair on bass and guitar, and Jennifer Grossi on vocals, synthesizer, and percussion, will also pass through Burlington, Cabot, Enosburg, Rochester, Peacham, Bradford, Derby Line, Barre, Middletown Springs, Weston, Groton, Marshfield, Hardwick, Chelsea, and East Fairfield.

“All donations raised at the door of each show go to the local library and their programs and needs”, said Rosane. “In addition to fundraising, we really want to draw attention to the role that libraries play in our towns and villages. They aren’t just a place for books — they’re community centers, an open space for public events and life-long learning. Or people can just hang and socialize… a cool place for the lonely, the elderly, and special populations.”

Band member Jennifer Grossi adds, “The collective awareness on how vital libraries are to our lives and liberty is growing. In many communities in Vermont, libraries are the only places some people can access the internet — imagine how crucial that factor can be in making voting decisions, for example, or even getting inspired to vote.”

The tour’s grand finale in Bellows Falls on August 31st at Stage 33 Live will fundraise for multiple libraries of the Mid-Connecticut Valley.

Vermont has the highest number of libraries per capita in the United States, ranging from beautifully historic to tiny, and from cutting-edge to make-do. All of them are pillars of the common good, a place to gather and network, access ideas and resources.

In raising funds for libraries, the Zookeepers help answer needs ranging from the purchase of new computers, facility improvement, financing kid’s programs involving health awareness and event-based citizen science, to the purchase of environmentally friendly materials. As frontman Rosane says, “A little help can go a long way.”

For more information:

9/8/19, Sunday: Carl Goulet

On Carl Goulet’s artist page on the Thunder Ridge Records website it says, “As many of us rural musicians do, Carl Goulet flies a little under the radar.”

A little.

If you’re trying to dig up information about this guy on the internet, that’s putting it mildly (though in this day and age, it’s something that might be envied). He clearly writes and plays for the love of writing and playing, and that kind of purity is rare and special… especially when that writer and player is so. damned. good.

He came and did a short set here at Stage 33 Live a little while back and was absolutely stunning. We promptly asked if he’d be interested in coming back for a proper featured slot.

It’s going to be one of those intimate, friendly, low-key performances that will be long remembered by the people who are smart enough and lucky enough to be there.

He’s been a player in and around these parts for ages, and put out a full-length in 2017 called Gazebo that Daily UV said “charms the listener with gentle melodies yet packs a punch with the depth of wisdom and love hidden inside.”

The CD Baby website (where you can get that album for yourself) has a little blurb that we’re pretty sure endearingly self-effacing Carl wrote himself: “Songs about life, love, and things that inspire or annoy but maintain wonder and hope.” That’s pretty funny.

The Thunder Ridge website offers a bit more, and is on point: “Carl’s songwriting follows in the footsteps of other honest, sometimes political and always heart-centric songwriters like David Mallet, Bruce Cockburn, and Gordon Lightfoot.”

Door at 6:00 PM, music at 7:00 on Sunday, September 8 — a suggested donation of $5+ at the door. Seating is limited to 40, first-come first-served.

The listening event will be recorded and filmed.

– – –

33 Bridge Street is an accessible space. If you haven’t been here before, 33 Bridge Street in Bellows Falls is a couple blocks toward the river from the intersection of Flat Iron Exchange coffeehouse and Popolo restaurant, which is the only intersection in downtown… and it’s a T so there’s no way to take a wrong turn. Brick building on the right after the post office and over the short bridge. Look for the giant stylized sheep-heads in the corner windows (that’s the community radio station, WOOL-FM). We’ll also have a sign out front. The most reliable parking is in the free lot on the left — across the street from us, next to the canal.

Stage 33 Live documents live performances and presentations on a simple stage in a former factory building for downstream audiences. Only original material is allowed. Find more info about the project and other upcoming events online at stage33live.com

9/13/19, Friday: Davey O and 6foot6

First notice for Friday September 13 – Davey O and 6foot6. More complete info coming soon.

Pure Americana drawn from a deep well of experience and human emotion without hackneyed storylines or insincere polish — an unflinching poet’s look at life with no apologies and rust-belt work ethic. Davey O has been a New Folk Finalist at The Kerrville Folk Festival, an Official Showcase Selection at the Folk Alliance Conference, and shared stages with the likes of Ellis Paul, Eilen Jewell, Suzanne Vega, Cheryl Wheeler, Sloan Wainwright, and The Kennedys.

Equal parts songwriter and storyteller, Buffalo’s Davey O. has been recognized on a national level for his past two CD releases with multiple honors among the “best of“ lists of several Folk & Roots radio stations. He has also earned the respect of his peers for his incredible work ethic, and constant dedication to the art of songcraft. With a journalist’s eye for detail and poet’s ear for the well-turned observation, Davey O. finds the universal in the particular, turning day-to-day minutiae into dusty paeans to the indomitability of the human spirit. With each tale another slice of life examined.

– – –

Just because we like it so much, here’s a little tale Davey related on his website recently. (Edited mostly for length.)

“When I performed my feature set at The Evening Muse in Charlotte, NC, a couple of things happened that, for lack of a better term, changed my perspective. Or maybe it was just a reminder of how music can bring us together. At ‘Find Your Muse,’ the performers consisted of a wide age demographic and stylistically ranged from hip hop/rap artists, poets, stand-up comics, singer-songwriters, and R&B vocalists. I had a bit of anxiety as to how this straw-cowboy-hat-wearing, contemporary-folk/Americana songwriter from Buffalo, NY would fare. I started my first song. There were quiet murmurs from the audience, like, “uh-oh, WTF is this going to be like?” But by the time I reached the end of the first chorus, I could see the faces in the audience begin to soften, smiles started to appear, heads began to move in time. A hearty round of applause followed. After my third song, “In Its Own Time” (about transitioning from one period of life into the next), a twenty-something African-American male stood up and shouted, ‘That’s what I’m talking about! That’s some profound shit right there!’ The walls came down. Age, race, gender, or any other metrics didn’t matter anymore. That’s what music can do, and is supposed to – regardless of how the industry, the media, or your own mind attempts to package it. If it’s good, if it contains truth, and speaks to even one person – then it’s done what it is intended to do: put us ‘in concert’ with each other.”

9/22/18, Sunday: Lara Herscovitch and Scott MacDonald

Stage 33 Live hosts a very special matinee listening event with Lara Herscovitch in solo performance on Sunday, September 22. Multi-instrumentalist Scott MacDonald will open.

Lara Herscovitch’s blues/pop/jazz-tinged contemporary folk embraces misfits and underdogs, connection and courage, love and loss, hardship and hope, resilience and transformation.

She tours widely. Her showcases and awards include Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Wooden Apple Music Festival, Folk Alliance International, Northeast Regional Folk Alliance, and more, including Bellows Falls’ own Roots On The River music festival. She served as Connecticut State Troubadour from 2009-2011 — an official position established by the Connecticut General Assembly in 1991.

She draws from a deep well of compassionate spirit, thoughtful mind, and far-ranging experience. This singer-songwriter-poet also happens to hold a BA in Political Science and a MSW in Policy; and much of her art draws from decades of humanitarian work in the U.S., Latin America, Asia, and Africa focused on education, community development, environmental protection, and justice system reform. Hers is a life fully lived, yet still unfolding.

“A huge reservoir of musical talent and a voice with a bell-like clarity… a keen sense of global concern and a fierce intellect.” — Acoustic Live in New York City

“It’s rare to come across poets able to interject such an achingly human and knowing warmth into their work.” — Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

“A tapestry of melody and poetry that stirs the intellect while reaching deep into the listener’s soul.” — Citizen News

“Lara reminds us that music can be heroic when it springs from a strong heart. Walt Whitman would recognize his own soul in her expansive American vision.” — WNPR Public Radio, The Colin McEnroe Show

“Through Herscovitch’s lens we get to look at American culture, which she sometime criticizes and sometimes defends, and its players emerge tragic fools, unsung heroes, and troubled souls whose stories we want to hear.” — The Courier, Marisa Nadolny

“Sharp as a tack (and wickedly funny) in a New York City kind of way… polished, confident, talented.” — Scenic Root

“Her songs come across with the force and gravity of someone who has been on the front lines and has come back to tell us about it.” — Christopher Street Coffeehouse (Manhattan)

Scott MacDonald may be best known as the proprietor of S.B. MacDonald Custom Instruments in Chester VT, where he happily and enthusiastically relocated from Long Island, NY. Fewer local people may yet have realized that this renowned guitar maker and masterful restorer is also a talented player, writer, and interpreter of historic songs in the public domain. We’ve been fortunate to have him on our stage twice in short sets, and welcome him back with open arms for this performance.


Sunday, September 22. Door opens at 2:00, music starts at 3:00. Seating is limited to 40, first-come/first-served; chairs front-and-center will be reserved for those who make their entry donation in advance (see below). 100% goes to the artist. Entry donation at the door will be $15, but advance donations are $12 (plus a 57¢ processing fee charged by Paypal). If the chairs have all been reserved, standing room is available; you may bring your own seating if you wish. Children under 16 are free with a parent or guardian; if a very young child is getting noisy, we warmly but firmly request that you take them out of the room to calm down out of respect for the performers and other audience members, who will be grateful. If you’re bringing young’ns, please let us know how many in the “comments” field of the Paypal transaction (so we know how many chairs to save).


Choose above, click below.

A Paypal account is not required.
You can change the number of reservations you want to make after clicking the button. Paypal charges $0.30 per transaction + 2.2%, we’ve added in those fees. The performers get 100% of the donation after fees.

After completing the transaction, you should be redirected to a “success” page and get an email from Paypal. You’ll also get a confirmation email directly from us within a day or two, assuming you entered a working email address. The name you gave will be on a list at the door. All you have to do is show up.

The listening event will be recorded and filmed. Your likeness or voice may be incidentally documented; your presence is your permission.

Lara Herscovitch

Scott MacDonald

33 Bridge Street is an accessible space. It’s a couple blocks toward the river from the only intersection in downtown Bellows Falls, which is the corner of Flat Iron Exchange coffeehouse and Popolo restaurant. And it’s a T so there’s no way to take a wrong turn. Stage 33 Live is in a brick building on the right after the post office and over the little bridge. Look for the giant stylized sheep-heads in the corner windows (that’s the community radio station, WOOL-FM). The most reliable parking is in the free lot across the street, next to the canal.

Stage 33 Live documents live performances and presentations on a simple stage in a former factory building for downstream audiences. Only original material is allowed. Find more info about the project and other upcoming events online at stage33live.com

9/28/19, Sunday: Larry Allen Brown

Advance notice, details to come. Another treasure. Put it on your calendar.

Before his solo career as a composer and performer on acoustic fingerstyle guitar, Larry Allen Brown played lead guitar for more rock, jazz, and blues groups in Chicago, Washington DC, and Boston than he can remember.

Born and raised in Chicago, and a Berklee College of Music alum, his Celtic-blues-jazz rooted music wears the influences of Dave van Ronk, John Fahey, and Martin Simpson.

His newest album, “Stories That We Wrote,” was produced by Grammy-winning Will Ackerman, founder of the Windham Hill label.

He also heads the Acoustic Earth Orchestra chamber ensemble.

Rumor has it that he went to high school with John Prine.

“This man sings songs of startling intelligence in a voice you know is telling the truth… songs with some serious miles on the tires; born of a life deeply and passionately lived.” – Will Ackerman

“Whether you describe his voice as mahogany, molasses or bourbon, or a voice that sounds like mahogany covered in molasses and bourbon; you know it’s a voice that’s seen some things, and done some stuff”. – Norman Wheatley of the Gentlefolk2 UK music program

Saturday, September 28. Door at 7, music at 8.

10/4/19, Friday: Bill & Eli Perras and Will Stahl

Details on the way.

From their website:

Bill & Eli Perras are a Florida based duo who tied the knot over 29 years ago. Performing as singing-songwriting-storytellers, they’ve put a dent in the Florida folk music scene as an act to notice.

Eli’s inspired lyrics combined with Bill’s bluesy finger-style guitar create a modern take on true Americana music in its purest form. They speak out with strong heartfelt lyrics accompanied with a soulful genuine pentatonic voicing against social injustices, corporate greed, and daily follies in everyday life. They can grip your heart, search your soul, change a mindset, or softly strike a funny bone, all the while leaving the audience with a sentiment for the common good we desire in all mankind.

Bill & Eli have opened or shared the stage with many nationally recognized entertainers and are regulars at many Florida folk music venues and festivals while frequently traveling beyond the Sunshine State with their songs and stories.

11/3/19, Sunday: Psych Unit

Freshly booked. Info coming.

Psych Unit from Lebanon NH started fermenting as a duo in 2012, drawing from Brendan and Todd’s shared love for instrumental drone/space/psych-rock. Years later Noah and Addison added stirring melodies and bombastic agitation to the mix. Finally, in 2017, the sonic elixir was completed with the addition of Terri’s soulful lyrics and powerful vocals.

Listen at psychunit.bandcamp.com/releases

11/10/19, Sunday: Rupert Wates and Josh Maiocco

First notice for Sunday November 10 – Rupert Wates and Josh Maiocco. More complete info coming soon.

Born and bred in London, Rupert moved to New York City in 2006 after working with some of the best performers in London and Paris. Since coming to the US, he has won more than 40 songwriting and performing awards. His music is eclectic folk flavored with jazz, vaudeville, and cabaret. Despite Wates’ British background, Folk And Acoustic Music Exchange has called him “a prime figure in American music.”