Sponsor a padded chair!


This brilliant idea was suggested to us by one of you, proving once again that you cats are smarter than the average bear. We’ll figure out a way to pleasingly, permanently, and visibly acknowledge the sponsorship directly on the sponsored chair. We have one rate for individuals, and another for local businesses. We plan to use the chairs forever.

We recently discovered that decent padded chairs aren’t much more spendy than good chair cushions would be for the chairs we’ve been borrowing (from The Island Corporation, which owns and operates 33 Bridge Street, and is very kind to us). Also, cushions slide around unless they’re the expensive non-skid sort, or unless you put a liner on the chair at which point things are just getting aggravating.

Someone could convince us otherwise, but we’ve settled on Flash Furniture’s Hercules series premium curved metal folding chairs (triple braced, double hinged) with 2.5″ foam padding and textile upholstery fabric. These seem to have the best cost/benefit. We’ve sourced them, plus a chair dolly, from the cheapest place we can find. We’ll wait until we can order everything at once to save a bundle on shipping. The sponsorship cost is based on the hope that they won’t raise prices.

This opportunity will only last 40 chairs! You will be immortal(ish)! Your business will be acknowledged until the end of time (or so)!

If other funding happens to come along in bits and bobs, we’ll roll it in… so it’s possible that not all the chairs will have sponsors emblazoned. Ya snooze, ya lose. That said, it may take a while to get to the goal.

You can change the number of chairs you want to sponsor after clicking the button below. A Paypal account is not required. Please do fill out the field specifying the name you want acknowledged. Paypal charges us a reduced transaction rate of 30¢ + 2.2%, we’ve added in those fees for a $36.10 individual total, or a $72.20 total for a local business.


All donations go toward keeping this thing going.
We squeeze every penny until it gasps in ecstasy,
and we'd be so happy to squeeze yours.
You don't need a Paypal account to do plastic.
Or checks can be dropped off at any event, or mailed:
Stage 33 Live, 8A Atkinson St, Bellows Falls VT 05101.
Donated equipment or services are welcome too.
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