~ The Next Sessions ~


The Fall-Winter-Spring 2018/19 series is underway: Third Thursdays @ 33. Doors open at 5:00 for social hour, with short performances and presentations starting at 6:00 sharp. Then a wee break followed by a featured performer or presenter at 7:00. There may be an additional second set from time to time. The smart move is to subscribe to the newsletter to have timely need-to-know delivered right to your email inbox.

“Fun @ 5” is a social hour. Spin some cheesey records on the house stereo, hang out and jabber with new friends and old neighbors, nosh on some bad snacks.

“Shorts @ 6” is any and all styles of music or words: there are fives slots max at ten minutes max. Want a slot? RSVP to find out if there’s one open, and nab one if there is. If we don’t have five RSVPs, we’ll take walk-ups to fill the gap. If we don’t have five RSVPs and not enough walk-ups, we’ll improvise: maybe the people on hand can go a little longer, maybe we’ll entertain ourselves.

“Special @ 7” is a feature slot. It’s not available to just anybody. It needs to be earned. That said, it doesn’t really take much to earn it. First, you gotta let us know you want it; second, we gotta think that you’re ready for it. That means either you’ve done a short slot and did it well; or your reputation precedes you; or if we don’t know anything at all about you, that you’ve made a reasonably compelling case.

“Extra @ 8” is an occasional second feature performer… or an open jam if somebody requests it… or more shorts if there’s high demand… or something.