Folks who make art that hangs on walls: We’ve received the OK from the powers that be to open the walls for short-burst exhibits coinciding with the days we have things happening on the stage. One artist per show. Same-day set-up and load-out, just like whoever’s playing the stage. The display will be before, during, and after the stage show.

Most shows are evenings, but some are matinees — the performer or presenter chooses. If you sign up for a slot that doesn’t have a performer or presenter yet, we’ll keep you apprised of the start time. We’ll officially open the door for the art an hour before show time (but really we’ll let people in pretty much anytime once we start setting up). People without show tickets are welcome to come view the art, but they have to buy a ticket if they want to stay for the show (assuming it’s not sold out). After the performance, we don’t push attendees out the door; they leave at their leisure, so don’t feel pressured to break down while there are still lookers.

Depending on when the performers arrive, there may be activity in the room during that hour before the show, including sound check.

You’ll be on the bill and in the promo. We’ll give you up to ten minutes of stage time (either before the performer, or at the break if there’s more than one performer) to discuss your work; that will be filmed and produced for downstream audiences, so you’ll need to sign our deceptively intimidating but actually gentle Media Release (it’s an awkward fit but should work). There’s also an Exhibit Indemnification that will need your signature in any case.

The work has to be family-friendly — nudes are out even if they’re tasteful. All works need to hang from the picture rails in the room. Twelve hanging pieces maximum. If you have a flip-stand or something for prints, or other on-the-floor hardware, feel free to bring it. Tape and tacks are against the house rules, so any price tags (it’s totally kosher for you to make sales; and you keep all the proceeds), artist and/or item statements, business cards, or like-that will need to attach to the art or its frame.

To check availability, see the Box Office page – any show that doesn’t list an artist (which at this writing is pretty much all of them) is available. You can also cross-reference the Available Dates section on the For Performers page for dates that don’t have a performer yet. Then drop us an inquiry at

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