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We’re a 501(c)3. All support is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed. This is true for physical and service support as well as financial; if you have equipment or services to provide, even if it’s not on our wishlist, drop us a line at — we’re grateful for any attention, and that includes plain old good words of encouragement too (which aren’t tax deductible but sure are appreciated).

Bellows Falls is where we are and we love it here. It’s rich in culture and nature, but has the lowest median household income of any incorporated village in southern Vermont — it’s more than $23,000 less than the U.S. average, and more than 25% of the population lives below the poverty level. And yet the community has rallied to support this project by helping with the physical and technical infrastructure, providing experience-based advice, volunteering time and muscle, and more. If you’d like to help too, here’s a button to make a donation on plastic in any amount via PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account). A wishlist follows further below if you’re interested in doing something very specific. And down below that, find information on sponsorships and underwriting.

Optionally, checks payable to “Stage 33 Live” can be dropped off at any Stage 33 Live event, or mailed to our administrative address: Stage 33 Live; 8A Atkinson St; Bellows Falls VT 05101. (For tax deduction reporting, Stage 33 Live Ltd’s nonprofit EIN is 82-2349941.)

We hope that Stage 33 Live will eventually be able to create at least one paid position in the community, even if it’s just part time… and through its mission contribute to the vibrancy and economic vitality of Bellows Falls and the surrounding area. And maybe help launch a star or two.


Friends, we have achieved the minimum threshold of needful equipment!

But everything is always a bottomless pit, of course. We’re keeping the wishlist, but updating it to run the gamut from mundane needfuls to pie-in-the-sky niceties. The common thread is that any of it will go into immediate use.

Items on the list change due to acquisition, new research, and previously unrecognized needs. You might recognize that better equipment at higher prices is available… our intent is the highest quality we can do on a bare-bones budget.

In most cases links either go to the manufacturer or a Google search. Comparison shopping is always worth doing. We will absolutely honor earmarked donations if you’d like to specify how your donation of dollars is used.

Sponsorship / Underwriting

If you’ve got a biz, or have a seat on a foundation with a social mission to fulfill, or have a bit to spare and a good heart want to create a personal legacy of philathropic helpfulness, our door is also open to sponsorships and underwriting.

Sponsor and underwriter acknowledgements are included in the distributed broadcast files, and permanently embedded in the web files as well. There’s also prominence on our website, venue, and ephemera. As a purely pragmatic matter of capitalism, supporting Stage 33 Live accomplishes a couple things: 1. it lets potential customers know that yours is the kind of place they want to support; and 2. it demonstrates to your existing patrons that your business cares about the same community initiatives they do, which increases customer loyalty.

A halo is nice, but so is bread and butter.

We’re currently offering steeply discounted early-adopter packages.

• Founding Underwriters of $333 or more will be honored in all of the produced programming through the end of the first broadcast season, including perpetual embedding in the web-cached files. Since the first broadcast season might not be for a couple years, this is a particularly lot of bang on the accumulating web side of things. This also includes acknowledgements on the Stage 33 Live website, in the venue, plus ephemera. Prominence will be commensurately weighted among all support received. Noncommercial broadcasting laws apply.

• For Founding Sponsors of $1,333 or more, we’ll work with you on mutually beneficial terms on top of the benefits described above for the first two seasons.

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Choose your level of support.
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Tax deductible to the fullest extent.
Stage 33 Live LTD is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, EIN 82-2349941.

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