Synth Jams

This page isn’t public, but you found it anyway and that’s cool. THIS IS NOT A REAL THING. But it could be, maybe. It’s an idea. Yet another idea. So many ideas.

Evan from Infinite Is suggested this possibility.

The goofball mockup promo ani has way too much text. It says second Saturdays because it’s alliterative and there aren’t any WOOL DJs in on Saturday night at this time. But it’s not the law. If we give it a go, whatever day it happens still has to get approved by the building stakeholders.

Give it a six-month trial run, maybe November to April? Maybe synth-setup at 6, start at 7, go to 9? Make it by whatever-you-think donation for both audience and performers? Or if it seems too worky or ill-timed we can wait a while.

This is the small text from the mockup graphic – everything is spitball, what’s missing?:

BYO synth/s (analog or digital with any controller), stand/s, outboard, submix, amp (we only supply power) – small amp preferred (there’s a PA and a sound guy). All players are rationed to one mono house and tracking send, either DI or cab mic. There’s only 16 inputs! All performances are recorded and filmed, and the good ones (at our discretion) will be made public. >>

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