2/21/19: A cahoot of Popolo and Stage 33 Live with BettySoo and Rebecca Loebe at the Windham Ballroom

As you may recall, there was a wee perturbation with Stage 33 Live’s February third-Thursday giddyup. A booker for a heftier — and, frankly, classier — venue here in the village (a good friend of ours just a couple blocks from our front door) contacted us because there was a show firming up over there for the same evening. A really good show that would surely impact our goings-on.

They weren’t just calling to warn us (which would have been nice gesture if left at that), but to see about putting cooperation and coordination on the table. Well, heck yeah. That’s totally in the spirit of what Stage 33 Live is all about.

And so we’re pleased as punch to announce that Austin-based performers BettySoo and Rebecca Loebe will be playing at the Windham Ballroom on February 21, presented in cooperation between Popolo and Stage 33 Live. Doors at 7:00, show at 8:00. Tickets are $15 in advance and available online right now at the Popolo website. They’ll be $18 at the door.

(To make the whole night about talented women, we had put out a call for female solo performers, or female or mixed duos, or female-fronted bands interested in doing either a short set or a full set at Stage 33 Live before the other concert… but having heard from none, we may end up ditching Stage 33 Live for the night and putting our full hearts into the other thing. Which is totally OK. Their doors open at 7:00 so we’d probably need to wrap by 6:45, and that makes for a weirdly early start and not a lot of stage time.)

BettySoo and Rebecca Loebe are both based in Austin, Texas. Both have won the prestigious Kerrville New Folk award. They’re also both in the rising-star band Nobody’s Girl, but playing as individuals on this night. Together and apart, they make impeccably produced records with Austin’s best talent, and give mesmerizing live performances.

There’s so, so, so much more that could be said. Check out their websites:

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