5/21/23, Sunday: co-bill with Erin Ash Sullivan and Meadowlark

Erin Ash Sullivan didn’t start playing guitar or writing music until she graduated from Amherst College and was living in New York City, where a miniscule elementary school teacher’s salary and an even more miniscule 9×12′ apartment made guitar playing suddenly seem like an appealing pastime. In New York, Erin reconnected with college friend Amy Speace, and together they founded the band Edith O. They performed regularly at New York City venues including the Bitter End and CBGB’s Gallery and released an album, Tattooed Queen, which garnered critical raves. It is possible that the band broke up when Erin—who was at the time a sleep-deprived mother of a six-week-old—forgot to show up at the Bitter End for the band’s record release show. In subsequent years, marriage, children, and a career as a teacher, school administrator, and published author took center stage, but in 2018, Erin returned to songwriting and performing. In May 2021, she released her first solo album, We Can Hear Each Other, which reached #10 on the Folk Alliance International DJ Chart.

More info and advance tickets soon. Soonish. Presently.

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