10/30/22: POSTPONED Ed Smyth

No joke: Sunday’s comedy is cancelled.

We’ll reschedule Ed Smyth down the road.

The plumbing at the performance space is currently out of commission. It may be fixed by Sunday, it may not.

We don’t think it would be fair to Ed or to you to chance it.

The outgoing pipes have been having problems in fits and starts for a while. We weren’t aware of that until it started having one of those fits a few minutes before our most recent show started… that was kinda embarrassing. Everyone was really sweet and understanding, but still.

So anyway, don’t come on Sunday. Unless you wanna hang out with Mark a bit — he’ll be there from around 2:00 to around 4:00 puttering around just in case anybody didn’t get the news and shows up.

Comedian Ed Smyth serves up a nonstop silly-string of brain-twisty characters and bits — absurd for adults, goofy for kids, clean for your grandma. Maine comedian Jareth Johnson will guest. October 30 in a 3:00 matinee at Stage 33 Live, 33 Bridge Street in Bellows Falls VT. $10 adults, $5 for 18 and younger. Limited seating. The performance will be recorded and filmed. Read the press release.

Ed Smyth, absurdist comedian, at Stage 33 Live

BELLOWS FALLS — Comedian Ed Smyth will serve up a nonstop silly-string of brain-twisty characters and bits — absurd for adults, goofy for kids, clean for your grandma — in a 3:00 matinee on October 30 at Stage 33 Live in Bellows Falls, Vermont.

Ed has been a regular at the Finger Lakes Comedy Festival since 2016, performed a weeklong show at Rochester Fringe, and has appeared at the Maine Comedy Festival. He is a friend to all. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill observational comedy, this is strange but endearing stuff that the world desperately needs… whether the world knows it or not.

Ed will be performing as Bronco Brad hosting “The Dang Tootin’ Good Time Show” that airs from fictional WEXL-TV every Thursday afternoon — a throwback to the TV cowboys of the past, but quirky. There’s a “Science Corner” with a talking neutrino who gives advice about not eating enriched uranium you might find on the sidewalk. Learn how to draw a flying kielbasa in “Art Corner” and memorize the square root of pi with mnemonics in “Math Nook”.

Bronco Brad will perform songs like the “Made Up Tales of the Old West” with a fake guitar, and other segments include “Oog Son of Ahg 30,000 BC”, the just-unfrozen primitive entertainer… “Moe Bot the Comedy Robot” sharing his dating woes with other household appliances… and sponsor moments with local farmer Ted Jorgersen doing his favorite animal impressions.

Audience members are encouraged to show up in cowboy hats, boots, or similar western gear to receive a Bronco Brad deputy sheriff badge and an authentic Bronco Brad Deputy Sheriff Certificate.

Comedian Ed Smyth produces and performs throughout the Northeast, recently appearing at the Maine Comedy Festival, Rochester Fringe Festival, and Finger Lakes Comedy Festival.

Maine comedian Jareth Johnson will guest.

October 30, 2022, a 3:00 matinee at the Stage 33 Live listening room. $10 adults, $5 for 18 and younger. Nobody will be turned away for lack of money. Seating is limited to 40. The event will be recorded and filmed.

The COVID-19 protocol will be the guidelines in effect in the community on show day. Currently the guidance is that masks are optional, which may change without notice.

Stage 33 Live is a casual and intimate industrial-rustic listening room in a former factory hosting local, regional, and national performances and presentations of original material. No bar or kitchen, the stage is the mission; coffee / soda / juice / water and weird snacks available by donation. More info about the nonprofit, all-volunteer project, and this and other upcoming events, online at stage33live.com

Stage 33 Live gratefully acknowledges the help of so many individuals without whom none of this would be happening, and institutional support this season from The Island Corporation, the Vermont Arts Council, the Bellows Falls Opera House, and the Rockingham Arts & Museum Project that helped fund improvements and maintenance, and generally smooth out a lot of the rough edges. Stage 33 Live is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and all donations are deductible to the fullest extent. Volunteers run the thing from stem to stern.

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