Wanna help on show days? We have room for a few (COVID-vaxxed) folks to join the show-day core group. Doesn’t have to be every time… though it can be if you want. Is one or two a month doable?

We’re pointedly not looking for people only interested in helping with a couple-three shows that they particularly want to see over the course of the season, and ghosting on everything else. It’s all about the mission:

Stage 33 Live is a volunteer-run multidisciplinary incubator helping generate career capacity for emerging local and regional performers by showcasing their original compositions; and for language creatives and academics by presenting their original prose, poetry, theater, research, and more; and for visual artists by displaying their work. We’re a local arts-economy driver contributing to Bellows Falls’ and southeastern Vermont’s reputation as an engaging destination.

(We also welcome more established performers and presenters. Their participation boosts the project’s visibility and “legitimacy”, which is good for the people who are the actual point of the thing.)

Pretty easy stuff. Low stress – unless time is tight, then a little stress. No special experience needed, but if you have some we’ll definitely try to use it. Everything happens in one room, so you won’t be stuck out in a lobby. Some shows are matinees and some are evenings. Most are on Sundays but not always. Most are folky but not always.

Roughly speaking, full “shifts” are from setup through teardown. Start time for room setup is an hour or so before the door opens (or earlier at your option). Start time for tech help is threeish hours before show so everything’s ready for soundcheck. End time is an hour or so after the show finishes.

We know that time ain’t hay for people with actual lives. We’re volunteers too. We’d totally pay you and us both if we could.

We won’t turn down help with setup-plus-show or teardown-plus-show, or just setup or teardown, but working only during the show isn’t on offer – though if you have physical restrictions locking you out of the other stuff, send us a pitch. We’re not heartless jerks.

Here’s the one rule to rule them all: Being reliable about coming when you say you will (in addition to actually being helpful). A couple times we’ve had volunteers no-show with no warning… besides being disrespectful to the performers and audience, it really does throw a wrench in things. People who do that get dropped like a hot ‘tater. (“What’re they gonna do, fire me?” Actually, yeah. We think Stage 33 Live is important. We like to have fun doing it, but we do take it seriously.)

Email us if you’re into it, stage33@stage33live.com

More details if you want ’em

There will be helpful checklists, and friendly people leading. On-the-ground stuff will probably overlap 100%, but basically:

  • Tech setup & teardown involves helping handle and fuss with sound reinforcement and lights and camera setups; assisting with soundcheck; being a stagehand during the show in case something goes south (rare). Etc. Under the direction of the tech leads. One person is fine, so is two. This starts threeish hours before door.
  • Room setup & teardown, and running door during the show includes helping with things like chairs, the snack kiosk, signage, and other needfuls and niceties; then staffing the door before and during the show; then undoing everything after the show. Under the direction of somebody-or-other. Two people is fine for this, but so is one. Starts an hour or more before door. If we have enough room volunteers, the scope will also include Artist & Attendees liaison – having the artists sign the required releases; keeping helpful tabs on them before the show, and then on the attendees during the show, to answer any questions or troubleshoot as needed. And taking some simple show notes like attendance and stuff.

There’s surely things not coming to mind. It’s been a long time since we’ve done shows.

Email us if you’re into it, stage33@stage33live.com

This was long. If you read it all, you’re our kinda people.

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