Wanna help on show days? We have room for COVID-vaxxed folks to join the fun. Doesn’t have to be every time, but it can be if you want.

Pretty easy stuff. Low stress – unless time is tight, then a little stress. No special experience needed, but if you have some we’ll try to use it. Everything happens in one room, so you won’t be stuck out in a lobby or anything. Some shows are matinees and some are evenings. Most are on Sundays but not always. Most are folky but not always.

Everything from setup through teardown is on the table, plus we usually need somebody on door from when it opens until about halfway through the show. Room setup starts an hour or so before the door opens. If you wanna get in on helping with the tech stuff, that’s great! We’re always there at least three-ish hours before a show to be ready for soundcheck. End time for everything is an hour or so after the show finishes.

We know time ain’t hay. We’re volunteers too.

There’s basically one rule: Don’t no-show, it really does throw a wrench in things if we’re expecting you and you ghost us.

Email us if you’re into it, stage33@stage33live.com

More details if you want ’em:

  • Tech setup & teardown involves helping handle and fuss with sound reinforcement and lights and camera setups; assisting with soundcheck; being a stagehand during the show in case something goes south (rare). Etc. This starts three-ish hours before door and goes to about an hour after the show.
  • Room setup & teardown, and door includes helping with things like chairs, snack setup, signage, and other needfuls and niceties, and staffing the door before and during the show. Then helping undo everything after the show. Starts an hour or so before door.

There’s more of course, there always is.

Email us if you’re into it, stage33@stage33live.com

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