2/12/23, Sunday: The Rough & Tumble with Decatur Creek (3:00 matinee)

Writing and performing together since 2007, Mallory Graham and Scott Tyler inevitably formed The Rough & Tumble in 2011 as the friends turned into bandmates. In 2015, after a bad Nashville landlord left them without heat for 12 days during an ice storm, the bandmates turning spouses decided to hit the road. They sold everything they could, bought a 16’ camper (despite the warning of their families and the lot salesman), packed up their instruments, their dog, and a couple of small trinkets shaped like elephants and mice that they couldn’t part with, and hit the road. They’ve been touring relentlessly since with their two 100lb rescue dogs, Mud Puddle and Magpie Mae, in spite of multiple burnt up axles, busted tires, and consistent water leaks.

Beth Eldridge, Doug Farrell, and Jack Henry are each accomplished NH musicians, singer/songwriters, and performers. Together they are Decatur Creek.

More info and advance tickets soon. Soonish. Presently.


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