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At this time, each show’s COVID-19 policy is set by the performer… refer to the particular show’s page on this website for details. Respect those who choose to wear masks at shows where they’re not required by giving them six feet of social distance at all times — they have their reasons. Seating will continue to be a minimum of eight feet from the stage, and chairs will be set up in pods of two. If you wish to make a custom seating pod for your party, arrive early and we’ll help you do it. People who have already arrived and have arranged their seating will not be expected to move, and if they’re maintaining a 6-foot boundary that should be respected. This policy may change without notice. The Stage 33 Live crew is vaxxed and boosted and would prefer it if you were too. You should make our newsletter your new friend who lets you know about any substantive changes of any sort, and about upcoming shows.

Advance tickets FAQ:
•   Advance financial stuff includes the transaction fee charged by Paypal so that the performers receive the full amount.
•   All door receipts, advance and on the day, go to the headlining performers (less the 11th ticket which goes toward promotion costs).
•   SEATING IS LIMITED TO 40. Chairs will be saved (but not assigned) for advance transactions. Only 40 chairs are available to be reserved, advance opportunities will automatically shut down if that happens. If any chairs are still available on the day, those will be first-come first-served.
•   Advance opportunities will shut down at midnight the day before the show in any case.
•   A Paypal account is not required. There will be a link to proceed without one, but they make it small.
•   After completing, a “success” page should pop up and you should get an email from Paypal.
•   The name you give will be on a list at the door. All you have to do is show up. There are no physical tickets.
•   We won’t sell your info to anybody. We won’t even add you to our secret email newsletter coterie unless you ask.
•   Questions? Drop us a line at or text/voicemail 802-289-0148. We’ve had some indication recently that there may be a problem with voicemails not saving, so make that the last resort until we figure out what’s up.
100% of program income directly supports the performers and presenters
5/29/22, Sunday, 7PM:
Breanna Elaine

Click through for details


6/19/22, Sunday, 4PM:
Violet Bell / Milkhouse Heaters


$10 advance / $15 door
Click through for details

7/2/22, Saturday, 7PM:

Tickets aren’t on sale yet.
They’re cooking something up, we don’t know what it is.
It might involve bringing another band onto the bill.

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