3/21/19: Matt Seiple + short sets

Stage 33 Live is so very pleased to have Matt Seiple in the house as the featured performer on Thursday, March 21. Shorts slots are still available in the 6:00 hour, see details below.

No advance tickets for this show. We recommend a minimum donation of $5 at the door (more if you can).

Matt’s been playing and singing his way around America for over 30 years, from the streets of San Francisco and the cafes of New York City to the clubs of New Orleans and the honky-tonks of Nashville. This Vermont-based singer-songwriter performs original, gritty, roots-based Americana in the rough-cut and lyrically rich traditions of artists like Hank Williams, Lightning Hopkins, Townes Van Zandt, and John Prine. His well honed, finely crafted songs tend to be deeply introspective and sometimes darkly reflective. His longtime companion is a 1976 Guild D35.

Matt played a few songs here at Stage 33 Live to get the lay of the land in advance of doing this featured set, and he had the room spellbound. If you missed that, check this out:

There are a limited number of short slots with a casual, open-mic vibe available in the 6:00 hour. (At this writing, shorts for the evening include longtime regional fave Carl Goulet and Jack Eppington.) Original works only, no covers, must be FCC-safe (rated PG). RSVP to stage33@stage33live.com or voicemail / text 802-289-0148. There’s room for five 10-minute slots, max; if there’s fewer than five, players can go longer if they wish. People who RSVP get first dibs.

Matt Seiple takes the stage at 7:00. We recommend a minimum donation of $5 (more if you can).

Stage 33 Live invites the public to listening events that are recorded and filmed for radio, TV, and the internet. It’s a volunteer run nonprofit on a mission to help local and regional talented and knowledgeable people reach wider audiences on multiple platforms. The stage is also open to established performers and presenters, because their participation helps bring attention to others still getting their foot in the door. We aren’t a bar, club, restaurant, or venue with regular hours. We’re also not a plush theater or a state-of-the-art facility. We’re just good folks doing this fine thing — the homegrown love child of Tiny Desk Concerts, TED Talks, Science Friday, Midnight Special, and The Little Rascals. Stage 33 Live allows only original material.

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