5/16/19: Ben Mackin + short sets

Ben Mackin is coming over the mountain from the outskirts of Bennington to be the featured performer at the third-Thursday finale.

He picked up the guitar in his teens and has been writing and playing ever since. Like an unusually high percentage of the musicians that grace our stage, he also works with kids in music and theater — in addition to recording studio work, teaching guitar, and running open mics over that way.

At this writing, there are still three short slots in the 6:00 hour available. If you’d like to nab one to play a couple-three songs, do a short reading of your writing, or any other original performance or presentation, drop us a line at stage33@stage33live.com

Even though we’ve had this evening scheduled and has been public knowledge for several months, it’s been recently announced that Gurf Morlix will be playing three blocks away on the same night. Let’s not kid ourselves, that’ll be a bigger draw. But fear not, we’re proceeding apace!

Everything on stage will be recorded and filmed. The likeness or voice of audience members may be incidentally documented; your presence is your permission.

Suggested $5 donation at the door.

33 Bridge Street is a couple blocks toward the river from the only intersection in downtown Bellows Falls, which is the corner of Flat Iron Exchange coffeehouse and Popolo restaurant. And it’s a T so there’s no way to take a wrong turn. Stage 33 Live is in a brick building on the right after the post office and over the little bridge. The most reliable parking is in the free lot across the street, next to the canal. 33 Bridge Street is ADA compliant.

Stage 33 Live invites the public to listening events that are recorded and filmed for radio, TV, and the internet. It’s a volunteer run nonprofit on a mission to help local and regional talented and knowledgeable people reach wider audiences on multiple platforms. The stage is also open to established performers and presenters, because their participation helps bring attention to others still getting their foot in the door. We aren’t a bar, club, restaurant, or venue with regular hours. We’re also not a plush theater or a state-of-the-art facility. We’re just good folks doing this fine thing — the homegrown love child of Tiny Desk Concerts, TED Talks, Science Friday, Midnight Special, and The Little Rascals. Stage 33 Live allows only original material.

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