5/7/20, Thursday: (NIXED BY COVID-19) – “The Secret Life of Death”

Our favorite professional archaeologist, fun media producer, and all-around swell person, Gail Golec, will debut an infotaining multimedia presentation here at Stage 33 Live on Thursday, May 7th, at 7:00 PM.

It’s going to be a live version of a new episode of her podcast, The Secret Life of Death — in which she chooses an interesting gravestone and explores the unique story of the regular person buried there.

“They pull you in, these lives of regular people, at the whim and fancy of powerful elements beyond their control. It’s the regular people who did the work to build all those stonewalls and house foundations that intrigued me as a kid; they did the living and the dying that created the modern world around us (good or bad).” — Gail Golec

There’s more: A pair of her quick-witted colleagues are on board for a follow-on panel segment that’s been dubbed ‘Between Two Nerds.’

The working title for the evening: Degenerate. We’re so in.

Gail’s archaeological career has principally focused on the Middle Connecticut River Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont. She’s a born-and-raised New Englander who grew up among the back-road remains and ruins of the past, inspiring her to become a full-fledged Cemetery Nerd in a region that’s ripe with old burying grounds and rich history. She holds a degree in anthropology from Mercyhurst College, where she received significant training in forensic anthropology and zooarchaeology. Working for the New York State Museum, she analyzed human skeletal remains for NAGPRA repatriations, and has extensive archaeological field experience.

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