This blog is a way for us to get a foothold of escape from the diminishing returns of the social media soulcrush timesuck. But we're keeping a presence on those platforms with an outboard management program because we're not entirely suicidal. Do we actually think people are going to bookmark us and keep checking in for new posts like they used to do in the old days? No, we don't. Is that going to stop us? No, it won't. As always, smart money subscribes to the email newsletter.
This went nowhere fast, didn’t it?posted Mar 04 2021

It’s good to have the infrastructure, probably. But clearly the best and most reliable thing is to sign up for the email newsletter. During the Covid infestation they’ve been coming along once a month or so… just to say howdy and gab about what we’re up to behind the scenes. In normal times during our September-through-May season it’s about one every three weeks.

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