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Now featuring comfy chairs!posted May 01 2021

Padded chairs in the house! Those of you who flipped a few bucks into the Comfy Chair Fund jar at a show, or made a donation for comfy chairs on the website, your help is so appreciated… and it’s because of you that we were able to take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime, pennies-on-the-dollar, more-donation-than-purchase opportunity to get hands on the chairs from Boccelli’s On The Canal, the beloved and fondly remembered restaurant and listening room that’s now several years in the rear-view mirror.

These chairs come already steeped in our kinda juices, having kept butts comfy during shows by the likes of Dave Alvin and The Guilty Men, Stan Ridgway, Rebecca Loebe, Tom Russell, The Sweetback Sisters, Peter Mulvey, Eilen Jewell, Gurf Morlix, Richard Shindell, Brooks Williams, Antje Duvekot, Alejandro Escovedo, Cliff Eberhardt, Rosie Flores, Red Molly (founding member Carolann Solebello has since played our room), and many more.

When we at long last fling open the doors post-pandemic (go get the dang vaccine if you haven’t yet), these chairs will be waiting for you.

The unlikely, weird, and lovely miracle of Stage 33 Live continues.

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