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An update to ‘Transaction Fees, ugh’posted Jul 17 2021

This ends better than it starts, but ultimately it’s probably a wash.

You may recall us whining a week or so back about PayPal changing their transaction fees. Their slice of tickets sales are about a dime higher apiece now, and donation processing fees slightly more.

Well, the other day we were setting up sales for our first post-lockdown ticketed show – first time in more than a year – and discovered that PayPal has changed a few other things too since we’ve been there.

We found that we’re enrolled in something called the “PayPal Giving Fund” because we’re a nonprofit. Investigating, it seems that the program processes donations (not tickets, just donations) without charging any transaction fee, so that’s a good surprise.

A page was automatically generated; not sure what we’ll do about it yet, but you can have a look:

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