11/28/21: OPEN MIC

The first eight people who RSVP to stage33@stage33live.com are guaranteed 12 minutes at an open mic on November 28 starting at 6:00 PM. (If we can keep changeovers to three minutes, that’s two hours.) If there are unreserved slots, walk-ins go next. If people are into it continuing after eight slots have gone, we’ll go long… people who haven’t played first, then second slots for people who want one.

ORIGINAL MATERIAL ONLY. All performances will be recorded and filmed for downstream audiences, there’s a media release that all performers need to sign. This is an open mic, not a paying gig… but you can do whatever you’d like with the documentation we produce, including monetizing it.

Sign-ups so far (not necessarily the performance order) –
1. Trevor Robinson
2. Will Stahl
3. Gillis Mills
4. Matthew Brader
5. Ezra Holloway
6. Carl Beverly
7. Fred Hill / Jay Church (AKA Fried Fiddleheads)
7. Emily Lyons

Suggested $5+ donation to help support Stage 33 Live’s existence.

Seating is limited. No bar or kitchen, the stage is the mission; snacks by donation. Stage 33 Live is an industrial-rustic listening room in a former factory hosting local, regional, and national performers in a casual, intimate setting.

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