1/15/22, Saturday: Man Made Tragedies

Man Made Tragedies from Saxtons River in Rockingham, Vermont, has been around for some time, notching up their game while going through the personnel and name changes that most young bands go through. The current incarnation is front-man Ezra Holloway on vocals and bass, guitarist Jake Tretler, and Kiegan Eastman drumming.

The band was a highlight at BrattRock 2019 according to the festival’s founder, Jaimie Scanlon, who told local press that their set was “jaw dropping… really brought the crowd to its knees.” They’re loud and they have attitude. This is not the softer fare typical of Stage 33 Live.

The Saturday, January 15 performance begins at 7:00 PM and will be recorded and filmed. Suggested $5+ donation for the band in advance or at the door. Seating is limited. No bar or kitchen, the stage is the mission; snacks by donation. Stage 33 Live is an industrial-rustic room in a former factory hosting local, regional, and national performers. More info about the nonprofit, all-volunteer project, and this and other other upcoming events, online at stage33live.com

All individuals are required to wear a mask at our events except when eating or drinking, and maintain a six-foot social distance from people not in their party. Performers are not required to be masked while performing; seating will be a minimum of eight feet from the stage. If you wish to make a custom seating pod for your party, arrive early and we’ll help you do it. (Our chairs are movable and configurable.) People who have already arrived and have arranged their seating will not be expected to move. This policy may change without notice. Some events may have tighter restrictions by the performer’s or presenter’s request.


•   Suggested advance donation per person for this show is $5 plus the transaction fee charged by Paypal. An advance donation guarantees that you’ll get in if it sells out, and also reserves you a chair.
•   If you wish, you may add a tip in advance. Tipping at the venue is also cool.
•   You can change the number of per-person donations on the sales page.
•   All receipts for this show, advance and on the day, support the band. Stage 33 Live doesn’t take any cut.
•   A Paypal account is not required. There will be a link to proceed without one, but they make it small.
•   You can alternately donate at the door instead; seating is limited to 40, so you takes yer chances. Chairs will be saved (but not assigned) for advance donors. If any chairs are still available on show day, those will be first-come first-served.
•   If our 40 chairs all get reserved, online advance donations will automatically close.
•   Advance donations will shut down at midnight the day before the show in any case. Any remaining chairs are first come first served.
•   After completing, a “success” page should pop up and you should get an email from Paypal.
•   The name you give will be on a list at the door. All you have to do is show up. There are no physical tickets.
•   We won’t sell your info to anybody. We won’t even add you to our secret email newsletter coterie unless you ask.
•   Questions? Drop us a line at stage33@stage33live.com or text/voicemail 802-289-0148. We’ve had some indication recently that there may be a problem with voicemails not saving, so make that the last resort until we figure out what’s up.


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