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Interest exceeds capacity… we’re in a tight spotposted Mar 28 2022

Performers looking for dates: We’re in a tight spot. Maybe it should be gratifying, but it’s heartbreaking. Our wait-list of performers and presenters who have very kindly asked us to be in touch when we have dates available — a number of them whose dates here were nixed by COVID-19 — exceeds the number of dates we’re going to have available in 2023.

But because our limited schedule doesn’t always mesh with life in the real world, there will absolutely be people who won’t be able to make any of our dates work, so all hope isn’t lost even if you’re not on the wait list. If you want get on the list, email us at — we can’t promise anything though.

Unlike normal rooms, we’re first-come first-served. (Mostly. Our performance space is a public area of the building and a common space shared among the tenants. Every date and performer and presenter has to be cleared with the building’s owners and the tenants. This is fair and appropriate. House rules include things like being kid-safe including language — which doesn’t mean kid-centric, though — and no chance of damage to the property or disrespect of the tenants. If it seems likely that a performer can’t or won’t follow house rules, or the people that come to see the performer won’t, it’s unlikely that we’ll get a green light. Again, that’s fair and appropriate. We don’t own the real estate. It’s not even our room.)

The plan, when we have dates confirmed, is to reach out first to people who asked for make-up dates for shows that got eaten by the pandemic, in order of postponement. And then reach out to new people who are on the wait list, in order of when they contacted us.

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