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Full sets from 2020 in reverse chronological order.

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Nineteen of twenty-six dates were eaten by COVID-19 in 2020. We were able to do seven.

We started with a couple $50 white-label kiddie-cameras because that’s what we could afford to get wheels on the ground, and we ran a stanky video editing program because that’s all our subpar computer could handle. Middlin’ camera improvements were made in 2019. A significant computer upgrade happened 2020, and then same for the cameras in 2021. We love it when a plan comes together.

Shuffle ’em all!

COVIDbliated: 12/13/20, Hiroya Tsukamoto and Joshua Hall; 11/22/20, Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards; 11/1/20, Willa Mamet and Diana Alvarez; 10/17/20, David Rogers and Joshua Hall; 10/11/20, Fred Gillen, Jr. and Carl Beverly; 9/20/20, Carolann Solebello and Joe Iadanza; 8/30/20, Linda Sussman and Pat Daddona; 5/31/20, Grace Morrison Trio; 5/10/20, Piper & Carson and Jim Paradis; 5/7/20, The Secret Life of Death; 4/19/20, Jay Simon and Jacob S. McLaughlin and Bill Brink; 4/11/20, Synthfest Series #4; 4/4/20, The Fantastic Partnerz; 3/29/20, Kirsten Manville and Tim Foley; 3/22/20, Don & Jenn; 3/15/20, Dan Weber and The Milkhouse Heaters; 3/14/20, Synthfest Series #3

3/8/20, Emily Lyons

3/8/20, Jenna Rice

2/16/20, Tom Pirozzoli

2/16/20, Dave Richardson

2/8/20, Synthfest Series #2

1/26/20, Gibson

1/19/20, Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio

1/19/20, Emily Lyons with Josh Maiocco

1/11/20, Synthfest Series #1

1/5/20, Owen Nied

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