3rd Thursdays @ 33: October – May ’18/’19

2018/19 Fall-Winter-Spring series: 3rd Thursdays @ 33. Doors open at 5:00 for a social hour, and we’ll get going at 6:00 sharp with short performances and presentations. Then a wee break followed by a featured performer or presenter at 7:00.

3rd Thursdays @ 33 There may be an additional second set from time to time. Original material only! Things will continue to develop before every session, sign up for the newsletter to be in the loop.

Only original material is allowed. The public may attend some or all, with admission by freewill donation to help Stage 33 Live keep going and improving. We suggest $5 (or more if you can; nobody will be turned away for lack of money).

All sessions will be recorded and filmed for web / radio / TV because that’s what we do; your presence in the audience is your acknowledgement and acceptance that you might be incidentally recorded or filmed or photographed, and if you’re going to be on the stage you’ll need to sign a release. Youth require a parental / guardian signature.

“Shorts @ 6” is any and all styles of music or words: there are fives slots max at ten minutes max. Want a slot? RSVP to guarantee, subject to availability. We’re particularly keen for more humanities and science, share your passion! If we don’t have five RSVPs, we’ll take walk-ups to fill the gap. If we don’t have five RSVPs and not enough walk-ups, we’ll improvise: maybe the people on hand can go a couple times, maybe we’ll just entertain ourselves.

“Shine @ 7” is a featured performer or presenter. It’s an earned slot, but frankly it doesn’t actually take all that much to earn it. First, you gotta let us know you want it; second, we gotta think you’re ready for it (meaning that either you’ve done a short slot and did it well; or your reputation precedes you; or if we don’t know anything at all about you, that you’ve made a reasonably compelling case).

“Extra @ 8” is an occasional second featured performer or presenter. When there are two features, normally the first slot will be the more sedate one, and the second louder and crunchier. Or, if there isn’t a second featured performer and enough people are into it, maybe an all-comers open jam. Whattya think?

Performers / Presenters note: Just like the audience chooses to be there, nearly everything that Stage 33 Live hosts is the result of the people on the stage having reached out to us. Get in touch. Don’t be shy, and don’t wait for an invitation. We think it’s an ideal symbiosis between the stage and spectators: Each is there because they want to be, each is motivated for the other. That said, while we love having people in the room, the main reason we do this is to document the performances and presentations of passionately creative and knowledgeable local and regional community members for downstream audiences on web / radio / TV. The live audience gets the sweet and meaningful juice of being there live, though — something that the documentation viewers totally miss out on.

Everyone involved is a volunteer: before, during, and after, offstage and onstage. We hope that will change, but for now our economy is part barter and mostly volunteer. In addition to the media production and distribution that we provide, participants are encouraged to use the documentation however they see fit to promote the thing that they do.

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