9/29/18: co-bill with Lake Superior and I Love You!

(This show is in presented conjunction with the excellent folks from What Doth Life, and furthermore is in fact entirely happening because of them. Give them love! – Your pals at Stage 33 Live)

Lake Superior. The trio sounds like a ’60s garage-rock band but with modern songwriting and gritty slide. Pete’s guitar wields strong blues influences from the likes of Mississippi Fred McDowell, Jr. Kimbrough, and Hound Dog Taylor – but with the wildness of The Sonics. Jeff’s drums bring heavy-hitting steady beats and Detroit-phat-backed rhythms. Jason’s Motown bass locks everything down. The band is named after the lake that doesn’t give up her dead back in Pete and Jeff’s hometown of Detroit.

I Love You! is still a new band but already making lots of buzz. As this is being written, they’ll be dropping an EP in two days. Look for it on Bandcamp. Echo Mars, Lu Racine, Jamie Soph, and Aggy are bringing their Brattleboro Queer Post-Punk and we can’t wait.

Show starts at 6:00 sharp, doors open at 5:00 and that’s when we’re going to debut our new Unusual Indie Swap Shop. It’s been seeded with a bunch of great early-punky DIY-days underground vinyl (12″ and 10″) and zines, courtesy Ron Schneiderman who doesn’t want any credit for doing it. Oops. See his Discogs listings at www.discogs.com/seller/yrpush/profile for a taste of his taste. Oops. The best and highest use of the Unusual Indie Swap Shop is to inspire you to create something delightful – a zine or a CD or a t-shirt or something – and make a trade. It’s also part lending library (take something home and then bring it back), and part open swap (take a thing and leave a thing whether you made it yourself or not). If all you’ve got to swap is dollars, that’s OK – you can take a thing plus get a free feelgood in exchange for making a commensurate fair donation to help Stage 33 Live keep doing.

All ages. $5 suggested minimum donation at the door. Bad snacks and soda by donation as well. Stage 33 Live is an intimate venue with seating for 40, plus standing room. The shows are filmed for broadcast and web, you’ll be in a studio audience and might incidentally get filmed. Check with your witness-protection handler.

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