12/13/18: GEARHEAD SESSION, no performances

Change of plans. The December Third Thursday (which is actually on the second Thursday, December 13) will be a Gearhead Session. We expect to have some new equipment in hand, and taking it through the paces will inform us about how best to use it all in our peculiar circumstance. That serves everyone down the line.

We’ll still need some players and talkers, but it’ll be even more super casual than usual. We’ll also particularly welcome anybody who is into video cameras and recording get-ups. And friendly folks who just want to hang out. We’ll probably start diving into the guts of things well before 5:00, but people are welcome anytime. We’ll probably shoot to wrap up by 7:30.

In addition to getting to know the anticipated fawncy replacement mixer (with redundant audio capture and more) and camera upgrades, we also want to do a mic shoot-out. The mic locker was built piecemeal… it’s one thing to look at curves on paper, and another to set them up side by side and listen.

Plus there’s monitor wedges that we need to get more familiar with, an outboard compressor and a little effects box that need more attention than we’ve been able to give them, and other things. We’ll have a list.

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