10/31/21, Sunday: Dylan Patrick Ward with Nate Goyette

Dylan Patrick Ward and Nate Goyette are emerging singer-songwriters pinging radars with their writing chops. This 3:00 Halloween-afternoon show at Stage 33 Live, 33 Bridge Street in Bellows Falls VT, is a ground-floor opportunity to catch them on the rise. Suggested $5 donation at the door for Dylan and Nate; limited seating; recorded and filmed. COVID-19 protocol in effect which may change without notice. Read press release >


•   Suggested advance donation per person for this show is $5 plus the transaction fee charged by Paypal. An advance donation guarantees that you’ll get in if it sells out, and also reserves you a chair.
•   If you wish, you may add a tip in advance. Tipping at the venue is also cool.
•   You can change the number of per-person donations on the sales page.
•   All door receipts, advance and on the day, go to the performers.
•   A Paypal account is not required. There will be a link to proceed without one, but they make it small.
•   You can alternately donate at the door instead; seating is limited to 40, so you takes yer chances. Chairs will be saved (but not assigned) for advance donors. If any chairs are still available on show day, those will be first-come first-served.
•   If our 40 chairs all get reserved, online advance donations will automatically close.
•   Advance donations will shut down at midnight the day before the show in any case. Any remaining chairs are first come first served.
•   After completing, a “success” page should pop up and you should get an email from Paypal.
•   The name you give will be on a list at the door. All you have to do is show up. There are no physical tickets.
•   We won’t sell your info to anybody. We won’t even add you to our secret email newsletter coterie unless you ask.
•   Questions? Drop us a line at stage33@stage33live.com or text/voicemail 802-289-0148. We’ve had some indication recently that there may be a problem with voicemails not saving, so make that the last resort until we figure out what’s up.

Dylan Patrick Ward and Nate Goyette: singer-songwriters on the rise

BELLOWS FALLS — Dylan Patrick Ward is a singer-songwriter from Vermont’s dirty south. His highly specific portraits of loveable losers are as empathetic as they are darkly comical. Influenced by his upbringing in a small, working class town with its fair share of strange characters, Dylan presents life in all of its sad, ugly, hilarious, and hopeful glory.

Nate Goyette’s music doesn’t like to sit still for too long – sometimes raucous and bombastic, other time introspective and subdued, steeped in dead-end jobs, dead-end friends, and those moments you have to grow up (or at least know you’re supposed to).

This is a special 3:00 matinee, October 31 (Halloween) at Stage 33 Live, 33 Bridge Street in Bellows Falls VT. Suggested $5+ donation at the door for Dylan and Nate. COVID-19 protocol in effect which may change without notice.

Seating is limited. Performances are recorded and filmed. No bar or kitchen, the stage is the mission; snacks by donation. Stage 33 Live is an industrial-rustic listening room in a former factory hosting local, regional, and national performers in an intimate setting. More info about the nonprofit, all-volunteer project, and this and other other upcoming events, online at stage33live.com



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